Hiring Process

How we hire in 3 easy steps.

At Hemphill we’re always looking for people who are not afraid of hard work and willing to show initiative to grow with the company. If you’re looking for a place that values your work ethic, passion, and desire to learn, then you may find a place with Hemphill Construction Company.



Found a great role? Be sure your experience and skills match the requirements of the job. Be as detailed as possible answering the application questions. The qualifications listed in the job description are there to help you select the role that best fits your background and aspirations, so pay close attention—recruiters review applications with these in mind. Apply online now…



If our recruiter finds a potential match, they’ll schedule a call to learn more about your skills and experience. If both parties decide to proceed, an in-person interview will be scheduled either at our corporate office or a field office. You will be evaluated on how you present yourself. A coat and tie are not necessary but a clean appearance is a plus. If you are applying for an equipment operator position, a field operating assessment will be scheduled.



After your interview, a decision will be made by our recruiter and hiring manager. If the decision to hire is made, you will be notified and an offer letter will be provided. Job offers are contingent upon receipt of satisfactory results of a drug screening test and background investigation. A start date for new employee orientation will be scheduled. For field positions, after completion of all orientations, you will be provided with details regarding your job location and when to arrive onsite.


Can I apply for multiple jobs?

You may apply for any/all positions you meet the minimum qualifications for.

I interviewed/applied last year and wasn’t selected. May I reapply?

If you were not selected due to lack of experience/qualifications for the position, you may reapply once you have gained that experience and may now qualify.

How long will you keep my application on file?

We use an electronic database for all applications and they are kept on file indefinitely. However, you may update your application by logging in to the application system if you have additional experience and skills to add to be considered.

Hemphill Construction Company is an Equal Opportunity Employer.